Murder at the Ashcraft Hotel

Downtown Brandenburg, Kentucky

Revenge leads to murder as Stanley Yong avenges the murder of his father.

A bloody deed of revenge and murder occurred at Brandenburg in on May 29, 1858. The Slayer and the slain were both residents of Indiana.
One of the most cold blooded and determined assassinations that we have heard of for a long time occurred in Brandenburg, Meade County Ky, at about two o’clock in the afternoon on May 29, 1858.
William March of Harrison County Ind. was seated on the steps of the Ashcraft Hotel, when, without warning of any kind, he was shot by Stanley Young, also of Harrison County, from a portico above. The ball entered Marsh’s forehead. He died immediately from the effect of the wound. Young made his escape though the back door of the hotel. The horrible tragedy created great excitement in the quiet town of Brandenburg, and the citizens turned out to endeavor to find the murderer, but did not succeed. The murdered was in Corydon at eight o’clock the next morning, and Brandenburg being some sixteen miles distant and on the other side of the river, show that he must have made pretty good time to get to the latter place by two o’clock.
Marsh was a man about fifty or fifty-five years of age. His daughter was the wife of a son of St. Clair Young, and brother of Stanley Young, the murderer. Some family difficulties occurring, St. Clair Young and Marsh met at the table of a hotel in Corydon, some seven years ago, when some high words cussed. Young threw a fork at Marsh when the latter drew a revolver and shot Young across the table, killing him instantly. Marsh was arrested, and , after a protracted trial, was acquitted on the ground of self defense, aided, it was thought by the extreme dislike in which Young was held by the community.
It is said that Young’s sons had taken a vow that, sooner or later, they would take vengeance on the slayer of their father. This after a lapse of seven years, has been done by the youngest of them. The act was unquestionably, done in the most deliberate and premeditated manner.
Stanley Young, probably learning that Marsh would be in Brandenburg yesterday, provided himself with weapons to accomplish his deed of blood and a swift horse with which to make his escape.

It is said that William Marsh was killed so swiftly that he is still not aware of his death. Some say when the moonlight is right, his ghost can be seen on the sidewalk facing the vacant lot, his lips moving as if speaking with someone.

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