The Phantom Road Wagon

This story appeared in Ghosts Across Kentucky, Told by Elbert Cundiff, Irvington, Nov. 2, 1997

This happened to me and my granddad when we were living there in Guston, Meade County. This was back in 1988 or ’89. I had a dog there, and her name was Browni. And she was a good dog, very protective of me and Granddad both. We had a hammock that Granddad built, stretched between two trees.

Granddad had gone to visit another family member, and that left just me and Brownie at home. Well, this was during the summer, and I was sitting in a chaise lounge under a tree. It was somewhere between six and seven o’clock-dusk.

We had a fence going around the front yard that me and Granddad made. It had a front gate going out towards Highway 428, the blacktop road in front of the house. I was laying there in that chaise lounge, and my dog Brownie was laying there beside me. I heard a sound that sounded like someone yelling up in the direction where my Aunt Garnett and Uncle Wesley lived.

Browni heard it, too. We heard this yelling, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I got up out of the chaise lounge and walked toward the front gate. I was leaning there on the front gate, listening to where this yelling was coming from. I looked up the road and saw what looked like a blue glow up there on the horizon. I kept looking, and Browni was looking at it, too. It got bigger and bigger, then materialized into a horse pulling a road wagon with a man in it. I mean he was beating that horse for everything that was in it, yelling at this horse, “Yi, yi.”

They were coming down the road, and it seemed like this horse was running its level best, but it wasn’t really going that fast. Seemed like it was kinda moving in slow motion. Well, it came on down past the house, but the man never did look at me. It got real cold when that man and horse and wagon passed by the front gate. Brownie didn’t bark or anything, just watched them. And I watched them, and there was dust coming up from the horse’s hoof s on this blacktop, but there wasn’t any sound. They went on down past the house, then made a turn and went up through the field and disappeared. They went right through the fence there beside the road.

My dog gave a “yelp,” and she ran and went underneath the floor of the house and stayed underneath there for three or four days, wouldn’t come out. I couldn’t explain what it was, so I talked to Michael Paul Henson, a friend of mine in Indiana. He’s written some ghost books. He said he had an old map at home and looked on it when he got back. He said that back in the 1800s, there was a dirt road going along just a little bit further than where 428 is now. Down below our house, on the other side of the road, it made a turn. There was a curve there. Apparently, this man on this wagon went around this curve and had a wreck and died. Or maybe somebody was chasing him and they killed him.

When that took place, this man had whiskers, and he had a hat on and was dressed in black. It was a road wagon he was in, but the wooden wheels didn’t make any sound on the blacktop. And when they made that turn and went up into the field, the man and his wagon just disappeared.

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